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using psychology to achieve your goals


Are you an ambitious woman being held back by negative self-talk? 

Do you procrastinate or waste time worrying about things that haven't happened yet? 

Would you like to learn how to focus your mind on achieving the life you deserve? 


You're in the right place!

We all experience negative self-talk (it's that tiny voice in your head that tells you that you you are not good enough, or slim enough, or productive enough). 

But the Inner Critic is hard to ignore. And it's even harder to shut down.    

What you think affects how you feel and how you behave... do you recognise any of this...?

You might be feeling anxious about something, worried about things that don't matter, feeling guilty for believing that you've said or done the wrong thing.

Maybe you're feeling tense, or frustrated and stuck in a rut, or procrastinating about something you'd rather just get on with.

You might experience physical sensations - your heart beats faster when you think of a specific situation, or perhaps you have aches and pains, or wake up fretting at 4am and feel exhausted the next day.


You're not alone! 

Although most of us criticise ourselves for one reason or another, we never ever talk about it.

You might even believe you are the only person having these thoughts, feeling worried, and beating yourself up...?

This negative cycle is really hard to break.

If it were easy we would all be much more productive, more successful and much happier just as we are.

I bet that right now, if some of this resonates with you, your Inner Critic is saying things like 'yeah yeah, stop complaining' or worse, it's telling you that 'you don't deserve to feel happier'.

How do you sabotage yourself, your career or relationships? 

 Watch my Masterclass on how to Stop Sabotaging. Start Doing.


Here's Melanie's story ....

"I'm in control"

“I decided to join Jess’s course because I felt ready to take back control, and be able to move forward with my life. 

I just knew there would be something I could take from this course and run with.

The most enjoyable part was the camaraderie with the other members, sharing our Inner Critical thoughts and realising that I wasn’t the only woman beating myself up or feeling bad about myself.

The main change for me is that I’ve taken more control of my exercise and eating habits.

I knew I wasn’t acting in my own best interest, and that things wouldn’t change unless I made it happen.

I've never felt like this before, honestly, I’m in control and haven’t wavered once which is feeding a positive cycle to keep going with great results (I’ve lost 7 pounds!).

A big massive thanks to you, Jess, for sharing your time and energy, you are a shining light in what sometimes can be a very dark place!.”

Master Your Inner Critic Onlince Course

And now you CAN do something about it.



Mindset Magic

Using Psychology to Achieve your Goals


 6 week self-discovery course for women starts Thursday 11th October

Discover personal insights and apply effective psychological techniques to improve all aspects of your life.

Even the smallest insights can have a huge and positive impact on you.

* clear your mind and focus on the things that matter

* take proactive action on the things you can change or influence

* feel more confident in your decisions

* be more assertive in getting what you need

* effortlessly act in your best interest every single day

* create the life you actually deserve

What's covered in "Mindset Magic" ?

  • 1.

    Week 1 Clarifying on Your Desired Goals & Feelings: define what you want and how you want to feel, discovering which beliefs are holding you back the most

  • 2.

    Week 2 Fundamental Mindset Shift: Releasing self-limiting beliefs, identifying and undoing self-sabotaging behaviours, and nurturing yourself

  • 3.

    Week 3 Getting on Your Own Side: Your Inner Critic triggers, other people’s Inner Critic, decentering, building your self-worth, allowing self-kindness

  • 4.

    Week 4 Re-writing your Own Rules: Resetting your personal boundaries to protect you, your time, and your energy, disputing your Inner Critic, being more assertiveness, adopting the attitude of gratitude

  • 5.

    Week 5 Acting in Your Best Interest: Using the teeny Tiny Steps theory, developing your “I’m entitled” attitude, building your resilience, anchoring positive emotions

  • 6.

    Week 6 Celebrating Your Success & Next Steps: Sharing your successes, defining your next goal, finding your cheer-leaders ...And so the cycle continues


What will I get. . .? 

  • 1.

    Training videos (with captions) and transcripts on psychology theory and practice

  • 2.

    Exercises with editable and downloadable worksheets to record your progress

  • 3.

    Guided meditations to help you re-wire your brain and befriend your Inner Critic

  • 4.

    Weekly LIVE video check-in calls to motivate and support you, and answer your questions

  • 5.

    Created by Jess Baker, a Chartered Psychologist (AFBPsS), and Inner Critic expert


How is it delivered. . .? 

  • 1.

    All content straight to your Inbox every Thursday morning for 6 weeks

  • 2.

    24/7 access to content so you can work through the content in your own time

  • 3.

    A supportive closed Facebook group exclusive for Mindset Magic members


We've already started! See you in 2019!

- secure payment with PayPal 


What else do I get, Jess? 

  • 1.

    One year's membership ~ so that you have support for a whole year moving forward

  • 2.

    Unlimited access to new training material ~ videos, exercises, worksheets, meditations

  • 3.

    Ongoing support from me and fellow members in the FB group


Are there any BONUSES ?

Yes! When you book your place before 5pm Wednesday 3rd October


  • 1.

    Strengthscope Personality Questionnaire & 1:1 Feedback Coaching Session (Value £250, you get this for free)


  • 1.

    BONUS #2  Champagne Celebration, London, in November for all Magic Mindset members 

Here's Sue's story ....

"I've re-considered my boundaries"

“I signed up to the paid course with Jess, because I liked her style - and I knew I’d get good value from working with her.

At the time of joining the course, I was working in a male-dominated, bullying, misogynistic environment, and I didn’t know what to change or how. 

I felt rubbish about my job and I knew that I wanted to explore why.

I’ve previously worked with other coaches and I have done courses on the “Imposter Syndrome”, but they were too general, and so I'd never fully explored my Inner Critic and how it affected me.

Working with my Inner Critic was not easy. 

BUT the advantage of this course is that Jess is there guiding you, helping you to make sense of it all. 

I really benefitted from her ability to see the wider picture; we discussed things I had never even considered.

I learned to get better at untangling my thoughts. 

There are lots of useful techniques on the course, that I still have access to.

I honestly believe that if I hadn't made any changes it could have really damaged my professional career, and my own mental health.

Doing this course helped me to re-consider my boundaries, and enabled me to safe-guard myself from other people’s agenda and get a much better perspective on my whole situation.”

Master Your Inner Critic Online Course

How do you want to feel this time next year?

You'll have the same nagging thoughts, the same sabotages, the same frustration and still feel stuck.

You wouldn't be much closer to achieving your goals, but you would have wasted time and energy worrying about them.  

Your Inner Critic doesn't Want You To Succeed. 

It doesn't like you to take action, because the only way for you to feel empowered is by disempowering it. 

It tells you that you don't deserve good things. 

It's easier to play it safe, to stay small, hide under the radar, not bother with the promotion, not send out that manuscript, not stand up to your critical mother, or your scary boss.

The only way for you to feel empowered is to take back control from your Inner Critic. 


We've already started! See you in 2019!

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Helping you to empower yourself

We learn at a young age to parent ourselves in the same way as our parents did. Mine were especially critical, so I became an expert self-critic.

This is part of the reason why I trained as a psychologist: to learn how to turn the volume down on my Inner Critic and how to tame her.

And over the past 20 years, I’ve not only applied the techniques to my own life, but I’ve helped my clients to realise their self-worth, develop their confidence, and have the self-belief to go after their goals.

And now, for the third time outside of my private work, you can access these strategies for yourself in my Mindset Magic 6-week online course.

If you’re ready to release yourself from your Inner Critic, get out of your own way and focus on the things you deserve to have in life, then come join us!

We start Thursday 11th October 2018. 

Here's Jasmine's story ....

"I’ve started on a path to a new way of thinking and being"

“I signed up to the course because I was extremely hard on myself and self-critical.

I also wanted to do something positive and proactive rather than staying in a rut. 

With Jess’s training videos, worksheets and her support, I understand my Inner Critic much better than ever before. 

I’ve started on a path to a new way of thinking and being. 

I couldn’t have done it without this course. 

Now, if I begin to get down on myself, I notice and remind myself that this isn’t how it needs to be anymore. 

I’m taking small steps, and there are big differences in my feelings about lots of things now.

For me, there’s NO GOING BACK: it may be a long journey ahead but I’ve started and no one is going to stop me now!”.

Master Your Inner Critic Online Course

We've already started! See you in 2019!

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Your journey of self-discovery starts here

Your journey of psychological insights and self-discovery starts here...

By really tuning into all of the ways that you sabotage your career, your relationships, and or your health, you'll be ready to learn how to deal with them. 

You'll be using lots of well-established psychological methods, to help you move forward on this part of your journey. 

You'll also be given the chance to be kinder to yourself, and give yourself the compassion you truly deserve.

Imagine how much easier your life could be. Imagine how much more productive and focused you could be.

Instead of getting in your own way you’d become your loudest cheerleader, boost your courage, your confidence, and begin rooting for yourself with unconditional love. 

You’ll have more self-worth, and higher self-esteem, a better relationship with yourself, and with others.

And this is exactly what you deserve!

Days Hrs Mins Secs

The special offer has now finished!

ps. it's your time to reclaim control of your mindset


If you're still not sure what the Inner Critic is...firstly, we all have one, it causes unhelpful negative thought patterns that undermine your efforts, diminishes your self-esteem, uses a degrading tone, enjoys demeaning your ideas. It also triggers anxiety, stress and worry. Leads to self-loathing. Loves to sabotage your self-belief and thwarts your self-development. It prevents you from being the most confident version of yourself. But you don't have to continue to suffer. You can do something about it...! Join Mindset Magic to experience the world from a new perspective

Jess Baker is a Chartered Psychologist, Women’s Leadership Coach, and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

She has worked across a range of industries designing and delivering leadership development programmes for large corporate clients, and now wants to help empower a wider audience of women.

Jess is a passionate coach, and an engaging facilitator. She is often quoted in women's magazines, has trained in stand-up comedy, and enjoys speaking at business and wellbeing events across the UK.

She is also a Trustee of BelEve UK, helping to empower girls aged 8-18 through leadership programmes in schools and communities.


Jess Baker Consulting is a trading name for Make It Make It Ltd registered company 08622123